New ordinance would fine Chicagoans $500 for not shoveling sidewalk snow

FOX 32 NEWS - Not everyone enjoys shoveling snow, but if you live in the city of Chicago you could be fined if you don't clear your sidewalk.

It been nearly a week since Chicago’s last major snowfall, but take a look around the city and it’s clear not everyone is following the snowfall law.

FOX 32 bumped into pedestrian Lauren Slater as she ice-danced her way down a slippery stretch of sidewalk in Lincoln Park.

"Well I was just thinking it was a little difficult to walk. And I wish they had salted better or shoveled the ice cause it's only going to get worse,” Slater said.

The City Council this year clarified the law requiring residents and businesses to shovel their sidewalks. The new ordinance requires that daytime snowfall be cleared by 10 pm, and overnight snowfall be shoveled by 10 a.m.

Those who don't shovel their walk will get a warning, and if they don't clear the snow they then risk a $500 fine.

"It's a danger. Particularly to seniors and people with disabilities,” said Alderman Joe Moore.

Moore emailed his constituents this week, reminding them of the new rules about shoveling.

"So we're just asking people to be good neighbors. And if they're not willing to be good neighbors, well the city has the ability to levy a fine for failure to clear your walk,” Moore said.