New training center for Chicago first responders opens on West Side

There is a cutting-edge training center for first responders in Chicago, and it just opened on the West Side.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Wednesday for the newly completed public safety training center.

The facility in Humboldt Park features a six-story tower with each floor simulating a different environment to help train firefighters.


Those scenarios include flames and smoke coming from a hotel or apartments, even an elevator shaft.

"The fire department can simulate responding to a fire in a high-rise that will fill with smoke and actual flames. Unfortunately, sounds familiar today. There's an indoor scenario village, depicting a four-way intersection like the ones you will find anywhere in our city, with a bar, apartment building, convenience store, and an office space on each corner," said Lightfoot.

The center is dedicated to late Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer and firefighter Mashawn Plummer.