Nordstrom provides free shoes to Chicago students

The school year kicked off with free shoes for some Chicago students.

You can see a change when children put on new shoes. They run faster, skip merrily and even though they were wearing masks, there seemed to be a lot of smiles.

Nordstrom delivered 25,000 pairs of free Nike shoes and socks to children in need across the country.

Caroline Mattingly of Nordstrom says for 11 years, the store has been partnering with a charity organization called "Shoes That Fit."

"Shoes are a basic but expensive item that children need to feel confident to participate in gym class and feel good," Mattingly said.


Randolph Elementary students received the shopping experience right at school. They were individually fitted and offered a selection by someone who makes them feel special.

Darrick Jason is a Nordstrom employee who volunteered for the day. He grew up on the South Side and says he has a rapport with the kids.

"I can relate to them, because I’m from around here. I talk to them in a place that seems like home to them. They can see somebody that looks like me and is doing something that is not typical for young Black kids," Jason said.

It turns out good fitting, quality shoes contribute to good health of the mind and body. It keeps kids on their toes.

This is Nordstrom’s second year delivering shoes to Randolph Elementary in West Englewood. The kids have outgrown the shoes they received last year and because class is currently in person, this time they can enjoy the event even more — together.