Nose hair extensions and other fake fashion 'trends'

You've heard of eyelash extensions, nail jewelry, and going gray for fun, but what about fur nails? Or squiggly brows? Or, perhaps most shocking, nose hair extensions?

"You're just like, who thinks of these things?" said Stephanie Coker, outside Sephora in Times Square.

"Personally I can't understand it," said one woman.

"Horrible, just horrible," said another.

If you believe the internet, these are the new beauty trends, but good luck finding anyone willing to actually try one.

The whole nose-hair-extension thing started just days ago when Instagrammer @Gret_chen_chen posted a photo of herself with eyelash extensions in her nose. But it quickly inspired others and dozens and dozens of headlines on beauty and pop culture website.

"I do think there is a place for this kind of creative expression," said Lauren Levinson, the senior beauty editor at Pop Sugar, which ran a story about the trend with the headline: Nostril Hair Extensions Exist, and I Just Threw My Computer Out the Window.

But Levinson acknowledged the place for these kinds of wacky looks is on social media, not necessarily our faces or fingers.

"I think it's really fun for people to take a break from the workday and look at something maybe a little inspiring or and just have a break or moment to enjoy that," Levinson said. "Is it something we're saying is the big new trend for 2017? Probably not."

Bottom line: the crazy lip lines and furry nail pictures are meant to raise eyebrows, not convince you to actually braid yours. But if you absolutely must see what the buzz is all about, proceed with caution and be careful not to sneeze.