Oak Lawn Community High School receives another threat

Tuesday marked another threat towards Oak Lawn Community High School.

This time, the message was created on Snapchat saying the school would be shot up at 1:45 p.m. and there were three bombs inside.

Other messages came from a number that doesn’t even ring when called back.

"When you call the number it says the call can’t be completed as dialed," said Kathleen Alcantar, whose son attends Oak Lawn Community High School.

Because of some of the threats made, the school went on lockdown.


Alcantar says the issue has interfered with learning for her high school senior son.

"They let him go home, yesterday when the threats came in, I said you are packing up your stuff and calling in," said Alcantar.

Other threats have been sent via text message to some students in the past week.

"Two calls to 911 Monday and Tuesday, text messages to students within the school and to students at other schools as well," said Michael Riordan, Superintendent of Oak Lawn Community High School District 229.

The same cryptic text was sent by the same number to students in Burbank, Palos Heights and Palos Hills.

The principal of Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Eric Olsen, sent out a statement that says:

"The fact that our school found itself in the same position as we faced on Friday is disheartening.  As was shared in the community alert sent out by Palos Hills Police Department, at this time these social media posts are not considered credible threats.  In this most recent case, the posted threat named 5 different high schools, 2 types of threats, today’s date, and tomorrow's date.  It appears that the goals of these posts are to create fear and anxiety in our students and community while trying to force the hands of schools to cancel classes.  Law enforcement agencies have enlisted the assistance of state and federal agencies to assist in determining who is sending out these posts.  As I shared previously, these social media posts have not been exclusive to Stagg, but also other surrounding high schools and we have no indication that the original messages originated within our community."

The Cook County Sheriff's Office and FBI are working to figure out who is behind the threats of violence.