Obama's attorney general Eric Holder claims Trump's AG seems too partisan

The man who served as attorney general under former President Barack Obama took President Donald Trump's A.G. to task Tuesday.

Eric Holder says he fears Bill Barr is "crossing a political line."

Former Attorney General Holder claims President Trump's A.G., Bill Barr, looks like a reckless partisan.

"Well, I think the whole thing that the attorney general is involved in is highly unusual. Um, ordering an investigation of, uh, our intelligence and law enforcement agencies when there was already an investigation underway by the inspector general,” Holder said. “I think the attorney general needs to be more sensitive to the appearance that that gives.”

When President Trump told the leader of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, he urged the Ukrainians to work with Attorney General Barr. Ukraine now says the Bidens did nothing wrong.

“You just don't go out and order an investigation because, for political reasons, somebody has raised a charge,” Holder said.

Secretary of State Pompeo was in Italy Tuesday, meeting with the prime minister -- another country the Trump administration has reportedly asked for help investigating critics.

Although Secretary Pompeo sent a letter to House Democrats leading the impeachment inquiry, telling them they would not be able to talk to State Department employees any time soon, even though they had sent subpoenas, it now appears two of those former employees will show up.