Officer struck by hit-and-run driver as wild police chase ends in suburbs

A wild police chase in the western suburbs ended with bullets flying in Naperville on Wednesday night. 

It was the end of the line for the driver who was reportedly armed and in a stolen car. Police were hot on his tail after he left the scene of an accident in Bolingbrook, where he hit a police officer. 

The hit-and-run driver eventually crashed but didn’t give up easily, and a squad car is now a mangled mess after striking a tree. 

After the crash near Naper Boulevard and Washington Street, neighbors heard a series of shots, at least 10, rocking this quiet community. 

This all started in Bolingbrook and other officers followed it, all the way to Naperville.

“Well, I was here when everything first went on and so the first thing was like, that's sort of weird,” a witness said. “You know in Naperville, we don't really get that action too often. I definitely knew those were gunshots though."

Naper Boulevard remains shut down from River Woods Drive to Washington Street. 

The investigation is ongoing.