Officials call for U.S. help in Robbins after water main break leaves 100 homes dry

Elected officials are calling for federal help after a series of water main breaks in south suburban Robbins left around 100 homes without water over the holiday.

Water was restored Friday and a boil-order was issued for 24 hours at the homes near the latest water main break at 135th Street and Pulaski Road, according to the village.

Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant held a news conference calling for millions in federal funding to fix the ongoing water problems in the south suburbs.

"This is a continuing problem that we see in a lot of minority … communities across the nation," Bryant said. "This is not a Robbins problem. This is a state and federal problem."


He said two water main breaks were reported last week, but that there had been around 40 breaks in Robbins since February.

In a statement, U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush said it "is totally unacceptable that Southland suburban families have been repeatedly left without water, especially on this Thanksgiving Day. This is a serious issue that has long plagued these communities."

Rush said he has scheduled a meeting next month with the Environmental Protection Agency after a series of five water main breaks this year in neighboring Dixmoor.