Officials detail 'targeted enforcement' efforts over weekend

CHICAGO (FOX 32 / AP) — Chicago police officials say there was a drop in the number of shootings and homicides over the past weekend after dozens of officers flooded three areas of the city.

"Given the historical crime that we see in this area, it was reduced significantly," Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Johnson said Monday there were 37 shooting incidents over the past weekend compared to 63 the previous weekend and 70 the Halloween weekend. The weekend ended with five homicides compared to 18 during the Halloween weekend.

Police say they sent additional city, state, county and federal officers into the areas on the South and West sides where crime data and gathered intelligence suggested there might be retaliatory shootings for shootings that occurred two weekends ago. There, they made traffic stops, conducted parole checks and served warrants.

"Even more important than the numbers, however, our combined efforts were meant to send a clear message to the criminals in these communities that their actions will not go without consequence, and to let residents know we're there to help them take their communities back," Johnson said.

Police say they made 44 arrests, including one for a September homicide.