Officials warn residents of 'mystery shopper' scam

Police in Palos Park said residents are falling victim to scams involving fake checks, many of them losing thousands of dollars.
We first warned you about this scam in April after a viewer called the FOX 32 tipline.
Now, we're getting even more calls about this scam.

Here's how it works: Scammers are posting on job search websites, telling job seekers to fill out applications to be mystery shoppers at places like Walmart. 
Sholanda Welch reached out to FOX 32 after being ensnared in a similar scam:

“[They asked me to] rate their customer service, like if they ask you certain questions, was it nice? Was it clean? So you're just supposed to write an email once you're done,” Welch said.
Welch said her application was approved.

“It was around my daughter's graduation time, so I thought, oh, I can get an extra $200,” Welch said.
But days after she deposited this check the scammer sent, she realized her account was in the red. 
“I called the bank, it they was like, well the check bounced, and the check was fraud. And that's how I knew,” Welch said.

To avoid falling victim, the Federal Trade Commission recommends never wiring money as part of any job assignment and thoroughly researching any mystery shopping company by reading reviews. 

“Just be careful and be aware, so it won't happen to anyone else,” Welch said.