One year later: Police provide update on search for Rogers Park killer

Investigators Tuesday gave an update exactly one year after a gunman shot and killed two men in Rogers Park, apparently, at random. 

A 24-year-old Orthodox Jew was killed in Loyola Park while he was playing Pokémon Go. Police say they’ve exhausted all leads and need the public’s help.  

“Someone has information, friends, family, a loved one. We are asking they come forward and contact the police,” said Commander Robert Cesario, CPD Area North Division.

Two men were killed within 36 hours of each other one year ago, the 24-year-old and a 73-year-old gay man. 

The so-called Rogers Park killer is still on the loose, seen in surveillance video walking with a distinct gait. 

First, 73-year-old Douglas Watts was killed execution-style while walking his dog outside of his home in the 1400 block of West Sherwin. 

The day after his death, suburban Pastor John Elleson was on his way to go visit that crime scene.

“I was going to walk down the street and say a prayer for the community,” said Pastor Elleson.

However, before he could make it there, he spotted a police officer. 

“I was like half a block away so I followed him and his lights weren’t on I don’t think,” said Pastor Elleson. “I got out of the car and asked him what was going on and we saw the body.”

The pastor was one of the first on the scene where Eliyahu Moscowitz was fatally wounded. 

“I was thinking if it was my son or something, I would want somebody there with him,” said Pastor Elleson.

Chicago police believe the same man using the same gun, a 40 caliber that ended up on the city’s West Side in two shooting incidents, killed both men. 

“As you know we've tracked a gun that found its way to another crime scene, while there’s no indication that offender was connected,” said Commander Cesario.

There is a $150,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.