Operation Legend responsible for 100 arrests so far in Chicago: feds

A northwest Indiana man faces federal charges for allegedly straw-purchasing guns in Indiana for a felon in Chicago, who was cooperating with investigators. | U.S. Attorney’s Office

Operation Legend, a national initiative to arrest and charge people for gun and drugs charges, has resulted in 102 arrests in Chicago so far, federal authorities announced Thursday.

Most of those arrests have been charged in federal court in Chicago, where 60 people face gun charges and 25 others faced drug charges.

“The mission of Operation Legend is clear: reduce violent crime and save lives,” U.S. Attorney  John Lausch, Jr. said in a statement.

Most recently, a man was charged with a gun offense for allegedly “straw purchasing” several guns in Indiana on behalf of a convicted felon in Chicago.

In August, a man was arrested on a federal robbery charge for allegedly robbing a USPS delivery truck.

In another case, a man was indicted on carjacking charges for stealing a vehicle from two women at gunpoint in Chicago, prosecutors said. The man allegedly fired a handgun during the carjacking.

Operation Legend began July 8 and has resulted in more than 2,000 arrests nationwide.