Orlando gunman's wife has ties to the Chicago area

Neighbors in Oak Lawn say they cannot believe it, that the wife of the Orlando gunman lived in their apartment building at one time.

Noor Zahi Salman, 30, is the wife of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen. Before marrying him three years ago, she lived in suburban Chicago, with connections to at least two addresses in two towns.

One of the apartments was in south suburban Oak Lawn and another was in Berwyn.

"I'm glad she wasn't here when I was her,” one neighbor said.

Current neighbors say they don't remember her, but the landlord remembers her name. He told FOX 32 it's been about 5 years since she lived in the Berwyn apartment. The landlord says she was living with a man at the time and only stayed for a year or two.

“It gives me a real bad feeling inside,” the landlord said.

A federal law enforcement source told FOX News that Salman knew of her husband's deadly plans, but did nothing to stop him. Sources say she at one point drove him to the pulse nightclub to scope it out and was with Mateen when he bought the ammo and gun holster. 

"Why she didn't come forward, why anyone wouldn't do that how could you live with yourself knowing that you could've done something to prevent it,” said Rick Lux, who lives at the apartment that Salman used to live at.

Since Sunday’s shooting, investigators have raided the shooter's Florida apartment where it's believed the couple lived together with their 3-year-old son.

Police scoured the home for answers and clues into the reason for the attack.

While Salman is talking with investigators, she remains quiet with the public.

A local Florida station captured the 30-year-old returning home to collect her belongings late Monday night, surrounded by police.

Salman has since deleted her social media accounts, although it's not known if she did that before or after the attack. She is likely facing criminal charges and arrest.