Out-of-state customers crossing into Illinois to purchase legal marijuana

Illinois is counting some serious cash as hundreds of out-of-state customers cross state lines to buy their cannabis.

Adult cannabis use sales in Illinois reached a record high last month, with total sales for April topping more than $114-million. That is up from the $109-million recorded in March, according to data from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.


In April, about $35-million in Illinois sales was from out-of-state residents. While the data does not show how many of those sales were from residents of Wisconsin, last month, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers posted a video on social media saying that Governor JB Pritzker has thanked him because Wisconsinites are crossing the border to buy marijuana and that is something Evers says he is somewhat tired of talking about.

Right now, cannabis use is illegal in Wisconsin.

In Illinois, a spokesperson with cannabis company Cresco Labs weighed in the impact the pandemic has had on sales.

"I think throughout the pandemic, first of all, people are turning to cannabis. They’re using it to help them sleep, to deal with anxiety, to deal with depression. And now that the pandemic is winding down, and restrictions are loosening a little bit, people have found cannabis is a great tool to use in their wellness arsenal, so I think that's certainly helping fuel the sales," said Jason Erkes.