Outrage erupts after suburban students post racist photo on Snapchat

Carmel Catholic High School administrators are condemning a Snapchat photo posted by two female students, calling it offensive and racist.

On Monday, Carmel met with the family of the one who posted it. The girl was apologetic, but the school says this doesn't end with an apology.

The girls snapped the photo after getting a spray tan and calling themselves the "N" word.

"I think maybe it’s just a reflection on the girls themselves and maybe others like them. I don’t think this is a reflection on Carmel as a whole. Carmel’s a great school with endless opportunities," said Tariq Abrams, a recent graduate of Carmel.

Abrams is leading the charge on social media, calling on the school to take disciplinary action, saying the students should be suspended.

"Going to school with people that just saw this picture, I don’t think it would be good for them and I don’t think it would be good for the community as a whole. I just feel like it’s too fresh and I feel like these girls probably need a break from it," said Abrams.

Carmel issued a statement saying they met with student groups Monday to talk about ways to promote growth.

The following is the statement in its entirety:

"Earlier today, Carmel Catholic High School provided a statement to our school community in response to an offensive social media post by one of our students. The statement emphasized our condemnation of the racist nature of the post and communicated the seriousness with which we view it. We also met with the family of the student who posted the photo and offered our help in facilitating an apology to the community. Although the students was very apologetic, there remain serious disciplinary actions as a result of the post. That being said, all student discipline matters are confidential and cannot be communicated by school administration. We understand the anger and sadness this situation has created within our school community. Although our response was united in condemnation, there are still those hurt by racism and exclusion and we are making efforts to listen. We met with student groups today to hear their thoughts and to discuss a way to provide growth as a result of this situation. Our intention is to continue sustained action that will lead toward healing and an appreciation of our diversity within our local community. When faced with an incident like this, we do not simply respond with short-term goals in mind; rather, we use what was a negative action as a growth opportunity for our students. Our school community will come together and encourage a stronger student culture as a result."

A Carmel spokesperson tells FOX 32 that disciplinary action will be taken against the students, but couldn't tell us what that is since all student discipline matters are confidential.