Owner of Cupid Candies passes away night before store closes in Oak Lawn

Last Sunday was the last day of business for cupid candies, an old fashioned ice cream parlor and chocolate shop in Oak Lawn.

It was a sad day, but what customers didn’t know is, there was another tragic loss.
A love story of chocolate, ice cream, first dates and 55 years of marriage.
 At the heart of Cupid Candies, was John Stefanos, the owner.
“Cupids was his number one love, all the love goes into the candy,” said Elaine Stefanos, John Stefanos’ wife.
John ran the factory his father started in 1936 and three stores. Last month, he fell at home and was hospitalized. The candy maker and his wife made a difficult decision.
“He said, you're closing Oak Lawn. And I said I’m sorry, John but I have to and he said, I know. It was difficult,” said Elaine.
The night before the store closed, John Stefanos passed away at age 74. 
 Stephanie Hart, owns Brown Sugar Bakery. She is buying the business, saving cupid candies and the employees. She stepped in, two days after john died.
“He would want you to remember him as the man who gave of himself to put a smile on your face and sweets in your mouth,” said Elaine.
When Stephanie Hart took over the candy business, people told her to drop the name Cupid Candies and she said no way. Cupid means love, now and forever.