Parents outraged over student stabbing at suburban high school

In Waukegan, parents are outraged after a student was stabbed inside a high school.

Some parents came to the school board meeting Thursday night to find out what is being done to keep students safe.

The stabbing occurred Wednesday inside a classroom at Waukegan High School at the Brookside campus for freshman and sophomore students. Parents and the community were never alerted that it happened.

The special school board meeting was held to address student disciplinary issues, but the public used the time to express their concerns.

Parents like Dwayne Springs was at the meeting. His daughter was in the math class Wednesday when another student stormed in and stabbed another girl in the head with scissors at the end of the school day.

The victim was treated at a local hospital, and another student went to the hospital for back pain. Waukegan police say three students were involved in the melee.

Police say no one is in custody.

This is not the first time a stabbing occurred. In November 2019, a student was stabbed at the Washington campus inside the restroom.