Paris Hilton shares support for Britney Spears ahead of new Netflix cooking show

Paris Hilton continues to send her support to long-time friend Britney Spears, through a series of tweets and comments on Instagram.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with Hilton about this.

"I love her," Hilton said. "I think she is such an angel, one of the sweetest and kindest people ever. I know how it is to go through something like that, to be controlled, and nobody should be treated like that."

"I’m just incredibly proud of her," Hilton added, "for being brave and strong and standing up for herself. I’m excited for her to have her freedom, and I really see that happening soon."


Hilton can next be seen hosting the Netflix cooking series "Cooking With Paris," which starts streaming on Aug. 4.

Hilton’s first guest on the series is long-time friend Kim Kardashian, though she said she’d love for Spears to join her on the show someday.