Partially deaf, blind brothers team up to give beautiful gifts to memory care patients in Oak Lawn

Two brothers, who are partially deaf and blind, are reaching out to those who are extremely isolated during this pandemic. 

Both brothers were born with vision and hearing difficulties, and they are not letting their disabilities define them.  

Instead they are teaching others a lesson in self-worth. 

A priceless gift with three simple words: I am loved.

"Being differently-abled does not mean that they are not capable of doing the things that we do," said Eva Savickas, mother to Austin and Zach.

Austin and Zach Savickas do their best to pay it forward. 

The brothers, with help from their mom, Eva, created 50 canvasses for all the residents at Grace Point Place Memory Care in Oak Lawn. 

Eva asked, "How do you think the residents felt when you gave them the pictures?" 

Austin responded, "They feel special," and Zach responded, "They feel happy, loved and special."

"Just that message alone is really a great reminder -- A lot of smiles, and you could see some sparkles in some eyes here that we haven't seen for a while," said Shannon Dahlman, Grace Point Place Community Relations Director.

Both Zach and Austin are special Olympians.  They want to show the world that they have a special gift that keeps on giving.  

"Just trying to do any little thing in the community to get them out there and still have them be a part of something bigger than themselves," said Eva.

If you watched this story and you want to help, Grace Point would love cards for the residents.  

They especially love them from school children.