Passengers suffer through extreme temps after Megabus' AC malfunctions

This weekend will be hot, and Friday got off to a rough start for passengers of a Megabus that was headed to Chicago from Detroit.

When passengers boarded the double-decker bus, they were told the air conditioning was malfunctioning.

And according to those on-board, it didn't resume working the entire five and a half hour ride.

"It was like a sauna in there. I'm telling you. And the air conditioning felt like it was hot air blowing on us," said college student Samantha Burko, who had come to Chicago to visit a friend.

Fifteen minutes after the bus unloaded, witnesses said a passenger passed out waiting for a ride. An ambulance was called and she was taken to receive medical attention.

Passengers said there was little air circulation, and windows were not allowed to be opened.

"Its only circulation was at the bathrooms, but it was like a stench, so we didn't really want to go there," said passenger Sade Waters.

Waters told FOX 32 that passengers on the upper deck of the bus continued traveling to the lower deck to get air.

"It felt like hot. It was sweat everywhere. I couldn't think straight, didn't want to talk. It was just hot," Waters said.

A temperature reading, taken by passengers an hour outside of Chicago, indicated it was 94 degrees on the bus. 

"I called customer service and we told them it was a health hazard and they said it's just an inconvenience and they hung up on us. Multiple people on the bus have called and the same thing happened to them," Burko said.

Megabus confirms the bus suffered mechanical problems. The Director of Corporate Affairs said all passengers will receive a refund.

The city of Chicago wants you to know you can call 311 to find the closest cooling center. They also provide transportation to those centers.