Patty Farmer: How Hugh Hefner changed the face of music

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - For generations, teenage boys got their first look at a naked woman from Playboy, often from a copy swiped from Dad's sock drawer or filched from a newsstand.

These days, however, you can see far more explicit photos on your phone than anything Hugh Hefner probably imagined when he launched his pioneering skin magazine 62 years ago with a centerfold of Marilyn Monroe.

Which is why, Playboy announced this week, it will stop running nude photos in its U.S. print edition.

But did you know that Chicago played an important role in the history of  the Playboy empire. The Playboy experience was never just about sex, but about lifestyle and music - especially the finest jazz, a personal passion of Hefner.

In her book "Playboy Swings," author Patty Farmer takes a groundbreaking look at Playboy through a new lens: Music. Farmer joined us LIVE on FOX 32 News at Noon to talk more about how Hugh Hefner changed the face of music.