Parvovirus-stricken puppy now flourishing thanks to PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago is saving the lives of some four-legged friends, giving them another chance at finding their forever homes.

Here is the journey of one small, but mighty puppy.

Meet the frisky, adorable Bonbon. At only three pounds, he's considered a heavyweight champ after winning the fight of his life.

At just 8 weeks old, Bonbon got parvovirus, a highly contagious disease that preys on puppies and often kills them. He was barely able to hold up his head.

Bonbon was in the care of Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC). But dogs who are symptomatic with parvo can't be quarantined at CACC because the disease can spread quickly and puts the other animals at risk.

They often have to be transferred or euthanized.

That's where PAWS Chicago steps in. They now transfer and treat as many parvovirus puppies and dogs at their medical center.

Like Bonbon, their lives are being saved with a revolutionary new drug called CPMA. It's a game changer. The drug can transform a parvo patient in just a matter of days.

Bonbon now runs around as if nothing was ever wrong. He’s a great example of the amazing work PAWS Chicago can do.

As feisty as he is, vets say he would not have survived without the medical care he received.

As soon as he was cured of parvo, he was placed in a foster home. It became a foster fail, however, because now he lives in the home permanently with some new friends.

If you'd like to learn more about PAWS Chicago, adopt, foster a dog or cat, become a volunteer, or just help the cause, head over to You'll be saving a life and also guaranteeing many years of happiness with your new friend.