PAWS Chicago launches 'Summer Kitten Adoption Challenge' to find homes for 450 kittens

PAWS Chicago has announced its "Summer Kitten Adoption Challenge" aimed at finding loving homes for 450 kittens.

With the arrival of "kitten season," which typically spans from the warmer spring temperatures to the early days of fall, shelters witness an increase in the number of mother cats and their litters. According to PAWS Chicago, female cats can become pregnant every 62 days and usually give birth to four to five kittens per litter.

Beginning on May 22 and running until August 31, PAWS Chicago is calling on the community to help them reach the summer goal by adopting a pair of kittens. The organization emphasizes that adopting two kittens ensures companionship, healthier development, and fewer behavioral issues.


"Our Kitten Season Challenge serves as a rallying cry for adopters to step forward and provide a forever home when the need is so urgent. We encourage potential adopters to consider taking two kittens, especially if they don't already have another pet at home. This way, both cats will have a constant playmate for all their kitten energy and enjoy companionship, resulting in healthier development and fewer behavioral issues," said Susanna Wickham, CEO of PAWS Chicago.

PAWS Chicago operates the largest homeless animal hospital in the country, where they provide medical care for over 25,000 dogs and cats each year. Additionally, the organization successfully finds forever homes for approximately 5,000 dogs and cats annually.

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