Peach's in Bronzeville gives back to community while growing future leaders

Bronzeville is known for its landmark buildings and galleries, but there's also a breakfast and lunch spot the locals flock to that has often been voted one of the best in the city.

Head out to 47th and King Drive and enter through Peach's doors, and you are met with some of the best mouth-watering southern cooking you've ever tasted.

"We try to promote an environment here that makes you feel like you're stepping into the kitchen with your grandmother or mother, so we serve a lot of traditional southern comfort food," said Trillis Rollins, chef at Peach's.

Maybe it's traditional, but it is certainly not typical.

"You got banana rum here, peach bourbon French toast here, shrimp and grits," said Rollins. "Our take on the eggs benedict — we call this Southern Benedict and this is one of our secrets, it's called the hangover plate"


"We purposely find people who are not necessarily into food, beverage, restaurant, but they're workers," said Tenille Jackson, Manager at Peach's. "That's definitely like Nikia. She came as a college student still trying to figure it out not quite sure, and then we're like, you're a worker. Come on over."

It's love and commitment to staff and community that had Chef Cliff Rome, the owner of Peach's, start up his training program called ‘Mise en Place.’

It's a French culinary term for putting everything in place before you start cooking to set up for success.

In this case, it means finding the right people to grow and mold as successful leaders.

This Black-owned business is all about giving back, representation, growing future leaders and seeing success in others who look like them.

"I think it's so important for my staff to see themselves on a daily basis operating a Black-owned restaurant, and you see themselves join in. it's important for our customers as well, and it's one of those things where the world, sometimes, you don't see us in the hospitality and culinary industry and there's a lot of people that find their lane in this space," said Jackson.

Chef Rollins is the perfect example of the Peach's mission.

He started out as a dishwasher, and today he's the chef, leaving his own stamp on the food people come to expect when they dine at Peach's.

Their recipe for success? Food for the body is not enough, you must also provide nurturing for the soul.