Penguin chicks go on a field trip at the Shedd

Four Magellanic penguin chicks went on a "field trip" at the Shedd Aquarium Friday, and explored the Abbott Oceanarium, which is home to animals like beluga whales, sea otters, sea lions and more! (Video Credit: Shedd Aquarium)

Caretakers at the Shedd say the chicks experienced new spaces and sounds during their field trip, which is important for them as they continue to grow rapidly.

Experts say these types of excursions encourage "physical exercise and mental stimulation" and help create healthy habits for the birds. 

The Shedd says these chicks are also nearly done shedding their fuzzy down feathers, which are replaced with the waterproof feathers necessary for swimming.

The chicks have not been named just yet, but the Shedd says they will keep the public informed.