Pickleball enthusiast makes pit stop in Lake Zurich during world record attempt

A suburban pickleball court hosted a world record attempt, and it landed a nice donation for the local YMCA as well. 

Dean Matt used to live in Chicago. Now, he and his wife reside in Florida. 

He got this wacky idea that he would fly himself around the country and attempt 48 games of pickleball in 48 states in less than 48 days.  

He's about halfway through the journey. 


On Wednesday, he landed in Lake Zurich to play at the local YMCA and his old college roommate made a big donation in the process. 

Upon completion of the tour, he will have covered a remarkable 9,000-mile journey.

"It is kind of an addicting game.  It is easy to play.  It's hard to master. But we play with people in their 90s," said Matt.

Dean is playing a doubleheader Thursday, with stops in Michigan and Indiana.