Pilsner at Horse Thief Hollow in Beverly takes top prize at World Beer Cup

The flagship pilsner at Beverly's Horse Thief Hollow has taken the gold medal at the World Beer Cup in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the beer brewing industry, the World Beer Cup is like the Olympics. The pilsner that is brewed at Horse Thief Hollow took the bronze in another international competition three years ago. This year, it stands alone at the top of the podium.

"It was amazing to hear the news," said Andrian Morrison, Brewer and Sales Manager at Horse Thief Hollow.

"To be validated that we're doing the right thing is just incredible," said Head Brewer, Jake Nelson.

It is a big honor for the small team at Beverly's Horse Thief Hollow brewpub, whose flagship Pilsner is called "Little Wing" after a Jimi Hendrix song. To put the win in perspective, breweries from 56 countries entered the international pilsner competition. Little Wing beat out 128 other entries. 


"There's a panel of judges and we were just honored to have our beer come in as number one," said Morrison.

As for what elevated Little Wing Pilsner to best-in-class, Nelson said it's been perfected over the years. 

"A little more hops here, small adjustments, a little tweak with the yeast and the fermentation temperature," he said.

"If you like a crisp lager, come on in. Get one," said Morrison.

Little Wing Pilsner is available at several boutique liquor stores throughout Chicagoland, including select Binny's locations, Pinstripes Bowling & Boche Bistro, and Rose Mary, but the team at Horse Thief Hollow says the best way to enjoy it is to come to the brewpub, where they would love to share with you a fresh pint.