Police chase in suburbs ends in Chicago with man in his underwear

A wild police chase from the northern suburbs to North Avenue Beach ended with two people in custody, including one man police had to coax out of Lake Michigan in his underwear.

Not something you see every day that's for sure. Two robbery suspects tried hiding from police at the beach -- one of them behind a building and the other was a little more creative. He jumped in Lake Michigan ducking from police underwater, until he was spotted.

A beachgoer -- who did not want to be identified -- says he witnessed a man initially hop in the water and then disappear. He found out police were looking for someone so he grabbed his son's "Justice League" happy meal binoculars and went to work.

“A couple of officers came running down the beach. We got a call there's a swimmer out there and I said yeah I think I got him with my son's toy binoculars,” the Good Samaritan said.

State police believe he is one of four suspects responsible for robbing a T-Mobile store in Glenview -- two of which were armed with semi-automatic handguns and stole up to 20 cell phones.

Police chased them to Lake Michigan where they ditched their silver SUV and a handgun, and then the four suspects scattered.

One was found hiding behind a building and was quickly arrested, while the other took some time, finally walking out of the water in his underwear.

Officers handcuffed and arrested him.

“I feel awesome about it, I think it's fantastic. I mean, you never know when you can help out law enforcement and bring some justice,” the Good Samaritan said.

It doesn't appear anyone was injured in the armed robbery in Glenview. State police say two offenders are still on the loose.