Police: Confessed Chicago killer out free on bond in Poland

An exciting night in Chicago turned deadly on the Northwest Side.

While thousands celebrated a Stanley Cup win for the Blackhawks, police say a woman was murdered by her roommate. Police have the videotaped confession, but the suspect is still not behind bars.

In a FOX 32 special report, we will tell you why the case is still open six years later.

It was June 24, 2013. Excited fans packed Wrigleyville streets as the Blackhawks had just won the Stanley Cup. But across town, Detective John Campbell was investigating a murder.

"While the city's celebrating, we get assigned to a homicide at 6557 West Addison," Detective Campbell said.

Sarah Krasilova was found stabbed to death in her apartment. Sarah's friends all pointed to her roommate, who was a Polish man named Mateusz Zabrzenski -- or "Matt."

"Right around the time we're arriving at the crime scene, he's on an airplane heading to Poland," Detective Campbell said.

"Everything she did, she did with passion, I miss that the most about her," said Sarah's friend Angelika Mlekicka.

Angelika described her friend Sarah as full of life.

"Fun, loving, energetic," she said.

Angelika says Matt told her that Sarah's death was an accident.

"He got in an argument, she came after him with a knife, tripped, and stabbed herself," Angelika said.

"He has an explanation for why she is dead. Due to his immigration status, he said he couldn't come back to Chicago, but if we were willing to come talk to him, he'd be willing to meet with us," Detective Campell said.

Campbell and his partner flew out to Poland to meet with Matt at their hotel.

"What he told us was, I do not want to speak at the police station," Detective Campbell said.

At the hotel, though, something incredible happened: a videotaped confession.

"He did admit that he strangled Sarah, and then stabbed her, which kind of eliminated the self-defense with the knife thing," Detective Campbell said.

But as soon as he confessed, they had to let him go.

"He was not in custody. We have no police powers in Poland," Detective Campbell said. "We just had somebody admit to us on video that he did murder, and nothing we can do about it."

They took that confession tape back to Chicago where the states attorney's office approved an arrest warrant for first-degree murder.

Then there was a lot of waiting, and going back and forth with federal agencies.

"Eventually, the Polish authorities and FBI took him into custody for that arrest warrant," Detective Campbell said.

But as quickly as he was arrested, he was back out on the street on a bond thought to be the American equivalent of $10,000.

"He got away with murder. Essentially. He did," Angelika said.

And that's not all. Matt has been living it up, taking lavish trips and posting pictures.

"Ever so often, little pictures of him pop up, living it up on the beach, going to bars, and just somebody that does not have any remorse for what they did," Angelika said.

"Sarah can't do that. Sarah's dead. Sarah was stabbed and strangled by Mateusze and he hasn't been held responsible for it," Detective Campbell said.

Chicago police are not sure which Polish law is holding up the extradition. But for now, Detective Campbell and Angelika hold out hope that justice will be served.

"It bothers us. It bothers everybody. It's bothered me since the day I arrived at the scene," Detective Campbell said.

"He stole somebody's life that was too young to go," Angelika said.

FOX 32 reached out to the Cook County State's Attorney, who said, "There is an active arrest warrant for this individual. For any additional info, please contact CPD. Thanks."

FOX 32 also reached out to the Department of Justice, who said, "As a matter of longstanding policy, the U.S. Department of Justice generally does not comment on extradition-related matters until a defendant is in the United States. I suggest contacting the Polish consulate in Chicago."

So, FOX 32 reached out to the Polish Consulate of Chicago about Matt's case. They referred us to the district court in Poland and we have not yet heard back.