Police: Mother arrested after children found in filthy home

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A Gwinnett County mother was arrested for cruelty to children and reckless conduct after police said she left her three children home alone in filthy conditions.

Police were on Mina Lane Drive in Buford on another matter when they knocked on the door to be only to be greeted by young children, ages 8, 7 and 3. As officer started asking questions about where the adults were they, realized the children were home alone, but police said it is the condition of the home that really bothered them.

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“Officers noticed moldy food, insects crawling all over the food, spoiled food inside the refrigerator, kitchen knives left throughout the house and he noted an extreme bad odor throughout the house,” Cpl. Michele Pihera said.

Officers said they found all the toilets clogged with feces and feces in one of the bathroom sinks upstairs.

The children said their mother was at work at a nearby restaurant. Officers called the Department of Family and Children’s services to take custody of the kids.

Police finally got in touch with the children's mother, Araceli Garcia, and arrested her. Garcia faces three felony and three misdemeanor charges. She bonded out of jail earlier this week.