Police probing leaks during Smollett investigation

Chicago Police have launched an investigation into leaks surrounding the Jussie Smollet case.

The Empire star is accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself.

Soon after Smollett reported his alleged attack to police in January, reports began that it may be a hoax. Sources close to the investigation began relaying a whole host of information to FOX 32 seeming to back that claim, and now, police are looking into where that information was coming from.

They’ve tasked their chief of detectives with finding the source of the leaks.

In a statement, Sgt. Rocco Alioto said "a lot of the information out there was inaccurate" and that they are "looking at (their) vulnerabilities."

Multiple sources also confirmed to FOX 32’s Rafer Weigel that while Smollett was being treated for cuts to his face and neck at Northwestern Memorial the day of the alleged attack, hospital employees began trying to access Smollett's medical records, a violation of federal law.

Those sources also said at least one hospital employee was fired as a result.

A Northwestern spokesman told FOX 32 he was unable to comment.

Another source told FOX 32 that Smollett's Hollywood attorney, Mark Geragos, who is not licensed to practice law in Illinois, is in the process of fixing that by seeking to pass the bar exam here in order to represent Smollett during the next hearing.

Smollett is charged with disorderly conduct, a class 4 felony after police said he filed a false report.

Smollett's next court date is set for March 14.