Posen police officer saves life of unresponsive baby, bodycam video shows

Heart stopping moments caught on camera as a Posen police detective steps in to save a baby.

On Monday afternoon, Detective Matthew Leveille was called to a family’s home after their 10-month-old baby boy fell off the bed and suffered a medical condition. On the way to the home, the detective was flagged down by the family. They immediately handed him the lifeless child, screaming for help.

While Leveille performed infant CPR, other officers assured the family that an ambulance was on the way.


In Leveille’s body worn camera video, you can see him flipping the infant from his stomach to his back, using a maneuver he learned six years ago at the police academy. This is the first time he had performed it on the job.

After fifteen seconds, the infant began to breathe and the ambulance arrived.

"It was pretty scary. They handed me a baby that wasn't breathing, was limp and was unresponsive. Then, once I started to work on him and felt him breathing and saw his eyes open up a little bit, it was a little bit of relief and when I heard him start crying, it was extreme relief," Detective Leveille said.

He and his Chief visited the family’s home Tuesday, after the child was released from the hospital. He says the child was smiling and happy and "a brand-new little boy."