Priest named in PA child sex abuse scandal accused of molesting victim in Chicago suburbs

One of the so-called "predator priests" named by a grand jury in Pennsylvania was accused of sexually molesting an 11-year girl in Chicago’s south suburbs.

It's not clear what leaders of the Chicago Archdiocese knew and when they knew it.

While teaching religion in 1962 and 1963 at Bishop Noll High School in Hammond, the grand jury report says one predator-priest was routinely molesting an 11-year old girl at a nearby rectory in south suburban Posen.

But it was not until 2006, when she would have been about 55 years old, that the unnamed victim contacted the Archdiocese of Chicago about it. It's not yet clear what, if anything, they did. But father Raymond Lukac had many other victims and the grand jury accuses now-dead Pennsylvania bishop William Connare, in particular, of enabling Lukac's sexual crime spree.

“Despite having sex with a minor, fathering a child, being married and divorced, Father Lucak was allowed to stay in ministry while the diocese sought a ‘benevolent bishop’ in another state willing to take the predator, hiding him from justice,” said Josh Shapiro, attorney general of Pennsylvania.

Lukac reportedly died in the year 2000. Some believe he would not go unpunished today.

A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago said their offices were closed in Observance of the Feast of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary. As a result, she added, they don't know what information about Father Lukac may be in their archives.