Pritzker urged to reverse Medicaid changes that threaten healthcare access for undocumented immigrants

Last week, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services announced changes to Medicaid coverage that have sparked outrage and concern among many.

These changes, set to take effect on July 1st, include a pause in enrolling new eligible residents ages 42 to 64, a cap on the number of seniors who can sign up, and significant copays of $100 and $200 for hospital visits not eligible for matching federal reimbursement.

Activists argue that these copays effectively cut off access to healthcare for undocumented individuals in the state.


"It's cruel and inhuman to take away something that we promised in Illinois," expressed state Rep. Lilian Jimenez (D), highlighting the impact of the decision.

"Governor Pritzker, it is not too late. We're gonna pause the pause. We're going to continue forward because healthcare is a human right," added state Sen. Karina Villa (D), emphasizing the importance of healthcare accessibility.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Illinois is one of only eight states that offer healthcare coverage to undocumented adults, making the recent decision a significant setback for the state's commitment to providing essential healthcare services to all residents.