Pritzker scolds Republican candidate for not yet answering questions from media

Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday scolded a newly announced Republican gubernatorial candidate for declining to appear in public or answer questions from journalists. 

He was also asked if he plans to return Mayor Lori Lightfoot's off-the-cuff endorsement of his re-election campaign, and it seemed to take him by surprise.

"Well, i apprec — I had not heard that. That's very kind of her," said Pritzker. "What I can say is: There's nobody running, as far as I know, for mayor. And I think the mayor has worked well with me. Especially as we have addressed the pandemic, broadly. So, we have a good relationship. I know we'll keep working together to make sure we're keeping people safe and healthy."

Lightfoot's endorsement of Pritzker came after Aurora's Mayor Richard Irvin on Monday posted a video announcing he is a candidate for governor in June's Republican Primary. 


A spokeswoman says Irvin in the next week or two will do interviews with multiple reporters. While he kept a low profile in recent months, he did attend regular meetings of the Aurora City Council that were covered by local media.

"One thing I will say to you is, if you want to have the job of being governor, you should take questions from members of the media. Like I do. And so I would hope that any candidate that is running – that announced they're running, is going to take questions and not wait weeks after announcing to do so," said Pritzker.

Editor's Note: This story has been amended to note that Mayor Irvin did attend meetings of the Aurora City Council where some local reporters were present.