Prospect Heights police investigate gang-related shooting

Two men were wounded in a gang-related shooting near a hotel in suburban Prospect Heights Saturday night. 

Prospect Heights police responded to the Holiday Inn Express on Milwaukee Avenue after an employee reported that a person was shot and ran inside the lobby. 

Earlier in the day, the two victims, who police say are known gang members, were drinking on Piper Lane. One of the men started yelling about a local gang and making negative comments.

The two were approached by unknown gang members and told to leave the area or, "There will be problems."

Police said the men left and went to the Fry the Coop parking lot at 580 N Milwaukee Ave. They were joined by two people from out of state who they had met earlier on the street. 

The four of them were drinking in the parking lot when someone in dark clothing began shooting at them. Both victims suffered graze wounds. The two people from out of state ran away from the parking lot. One victim was treated and released near the scene, the other was taken to a local hospital and is expected to recover fully.

No arrests have been made. The shooting is under investigation and video surveillance is being reviewed.