Protesters arrested outside FOP headquarters in Chicago

As the evening rush hour came to a head on Monday, a dozen protesters sat down on Ogden Avenue at Washington, a block from FOP headquarters, blocking traffic.

During this time, police told the protesters to remove themselves from the middle of the intersection or they would be arrested. Moments later, police delivered on that promise, handcuffing the protesters and carrying them into the back of a police wagon.

The dozen arrested were part of a group of about a 100 protesters who marched on FOP headquarters.

"We're here because the country needs to know about the racist practices of the FOP,” said one protester.

Racist, they say, because the Union defended convicted officer Jason Van Dyke after he was charged with the murder of Laquan McDonald.

“Union protect labor,” said Tanya Watkins, a protester. “The police union protects misconduct, excessive force, and murder."

They say the FOP has been a barrier to criminal justice reform in Chicago, and they're upset that the Union held its own protest last month at the headquarters of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, whom the Union believes has been soft on crime.

"This is a racist attack against a black elected official who’s not dancing to their music,” said Frank Chapman, a protester.

The Union did not formally respond to the protesters, but one Union leader said the FOP is acting in the best interests of its members and has every right to speak out.