Protestors plan to make powerful statement at Roseland Hospital

One more week and that is  it. Roseland Hospital says it only has enough money to stay open until July 31. After that the hospital will be forced to make layoffs and voluntary furloughs.

A protest is set for Friday, and the protesters say they have something big planned. The groups told FOX 32 News' Anita Padilla they plan to link arms and create a human chain around the 85-year-old facility. They say the hospital has to stay in business, as it is one of the only hospitals in the area that can treat gunshot victims quickly.

The Illinois budget battle deeply concerned workers at Roseland Hospital last month, as many state payments were frozen. Because Roseland is such a critical safety net hospital, it received more than $2 million a month in "expedited" state aid.

CEO Tim Egan previously said he fears those funds will be frozen because of the budget stalemate in Springfield, and he warned Roseland would not be able to pay its workers by the end of this month. And now, the hospital's fate remains in Limbo.

Getting money out of the state treasury when there is no approved budget is a complicated process, and one that usually favors the well-connected.

Egan says he can operate through the 31st of July, after that he will be forced to make layoffs and voluntary furloughs. Volunteers are hoping something is done soon to help keep the hospital open.

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