Pygmy hippo gifted cake, colorful balls for 5th birthday

Celebrating your birthday is great, but celebrating a pygmy hippo’s birthday is even better.

The Adelaide Zoo in South Australia gifted Obi, the zoo’s pygmy hippo, with a healthy cake on his 5th birthday on May 25.

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Video shows the happy hippo munching away at his giant treat and playing with colorful enrichment balls in his pool.

“Obi had a birthday cake made of lucerne, a type of chopped up forage for animals, and meadow hay with a mashed pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato frozen and decorated with his favorite Mirror bush browse, parsley and five carrots as candles,” keeper Jade Koek said.

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Obi retired to his den for a nap after the festivities but keepers planned to bring out a water hose for him to play with later, according to Koek.

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