Racist graffiti found on west Atlanta business

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Someone sprayed racist graffiti on a west Atlanta commercial building.

The ugly anti-white messages cover a couple sides of the building, apparently done overnight.

There are different businesses that rent space there. Passersby read the slurs and shook their heads.

"Hate speech does not accomplish anything, doesn't help anybody," said Joe Davis.

The building is on a prominent corner. A lot of motorists, especially during rush hour, would be able to see it.

A guest who was slated to stay at a nearby Airbnb rode by, saw the slurs, and called the owner to cancel.

Nicholas Stewart said he tried to reassure the client, who is white, that those messages do not reflect the sentiment of the residents and business people in west Atlanta.

But the guest was concerned and asked for a refund. Stewart granted it.

Atlanta police said no one notified the department about the graffiti. An investigation has been launched.