Field Museum scientist identifies rare meteorite spotted in Sahara Desert

A fallen asteroid has been spotted by a Field Museum scientist.

Dr. Maria Valdes, postdoctoral researcher at the Field Museum in Chicago, identified a rare meteorite that fell in the Sahara Desert Wednesday. 

To the average eye, the meteorite might look like a hunk of concrete or asphalt, according to Dr. Valdes. 

"Several clues give it away as a meteorite, the first and most obvious clue is that it has a black fusion crust that covers it and forms once the meteorite enters our atmosphere...the exterior melts and forms this glassy coating, so that is the first thing we look for," Valdes said.  

There are also several chemical tests performed to determine the type and age of the meteorite, Valdes said. 

The meteorite is roughly four and a half billion years old.