Report: Racial disparities persist with Illinois poverty

TUBS / Wikipedia

CHICAGO (AP) — A nonprofit research group says poverty rates in Illinois are up to three times higher for racial minorities.

The Chicago-based Heartland Alliance's research arm released a report Wednesday outlining significant racial disparities for income, unemployment, birth rates and housing, among other things. The 44-page document is called "Racism's Toll: Report on Illinois Poverty," and looks at institutional racism in the state.

The report says unemployment rates are 1.4 to 2.4 times higher for minorities than for whites.

Also, across the state the number of Illinois counties out of 102 total that are vulnerable to poverty is up to 57 from 46 identified last year. Those are counties that have negative conditions when it comes to poverty, unemployment, teen births and high school.

The report cites Census data, among other sources.