Report: Rich parents paying adults to do their kids' homework

A freelance writer in New York has shared a disturbing account of how he makes his rent: by doing teenagers’ homework for cash. Twenty-seven-year-old Ben says he earns about $350 for every 500-word assignment he takes on, according to The New York Post. For the mom who hired him off Craigslist, it’s a way “to help her 13-year-old daughter keep her head above water in honors classes at a small private school.”

“Outsourcing homework is just one more way New York City parents can ensure their privileged offspring get the very best in life,” writes the Post. “And while they’re happy to haggle over fees with nannies and comparison-shop for laptops, many area parents are willing to pay a premium to get their kid an A.”

One New Jersey mom explained her case, telling the Post that she once paid a Columbia University student as much as $1,500 to complete her son’s physics assignment. Why? “My son had never seriously struggled in school until this class, so I became obsessed with fixing his GPA, which had started sliding,” she said.

Joelle, a 25-year-old editorial assistant who also tutors students on the side, corroborated the alarming trend. “It’s definitely become more common for parents to ask if I would just do the assignment,” she said.



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