Report: Woman shoots boyfriend over cold taco

A woman in Texas was allegedly so dissatisfied with her taco meal that she reportedly shot her boyfriend during a dispute over the food.

According to KTRK TV, investigators say the woman and a male companion were at a taco truck in north Houston early Monday morning when the incident occurred.  According to police, the woman became infuriated after she reportedly asked the taco truck worker to reheat her taco and was told no.

Her boyfriend then tried to calm her down but the hungry woman then pulled out a gun and wound up shooting her partner. The man was shot once but investigators have not confirmed whether the woman shot him on purpose or if the gun fired accidentally.

Police were unable to determine how the incident unfolded due to a lack of surveillance video. It remains unclear if charges will be filed in the case. The boyfriend was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive his injury. There was no word on what happened to the taco.