Rescan your TV Oct. 18 to watch FOX 32 and My50

If you watch FOX 32 and My50 using an over-the-air antenna, you will need to rescan your TV on October 18 after 2 a.m. in order to continue to watch our air.

To rescan, press the “menu” button on your TV remote, then go to the channel or antenna option and select Auto Tune or Rescan.

Your TV will do the rest. (Rescanning may take 5 minutes or longer)

If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, you will not have to do anything.

For questions or help, go to or call our hotline at 312-565-8070.

As always, you can also watch all our newscasts live by going to our website at

NOTE: Please avoid rescanning your TV before 2 a.m on October 18.

For more information, visit the

Follow These Simple Steps to Rescan Your TV

  1. Make sure you have a VHF/UHF antenna connected to your TV
  2. Go to your TV menu
  3. Select “Channel Setup” (or similar)
  4. Choose “Antenna” and/or “Air”
  5. Run “Auto-program”
  6. Your TV may take 3 to 15 minutes as it searches for channels in your area.

How to Rescan a Vizio monitor

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In the menu, select “Guided Setup”

How to Rescan a Samsung TV

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In the menu, select “Channel”

How to Rescan an LG TV

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In the menu, select Advanced. Then Select “Channels” and then “Channel Tuning.”

 How to Rescan a Sharp TV

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Go to Menu, select “CH Setup”

 How to Rescan a Panasonic TV

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Go to ‘Menu” button on remote and select “Setup”