Restaurants along Fulton Market open domes, mini houses

On Friday, at least five restaurants along Fulton Market have opened outdoor domes and mini houses, where you can eat, drink, laugh and still socially distance all at the same time.

“It was absolutely worth it. I haven’t eaten inside since pandemic... I love it,” one customer said.

Inside, the spaces are insulated, and some even have blankets nearby. There are also hearted lamps scattered about.

With temperatures in the 40s, the special accommodations came in handy.

Indoor dining is still available but of course space in limited due to mandated restrictions.

And Even with our social norms now altered, folks like Theo Landry are determined to still enjoy life, despite COVID ruins.

 “It can’t last, it can’t be this way forever, and if it does, we’ll adapt in some fashion, some form,” said Landry.