UChicago protesters show support for Palestine amid Alumni Weekend

University of Chicago students gathered again on Friday to protest the school and support Palestine. 

They also chose this weekend to make their voices heard, and for a reason. 

On May 7th, the University of Chicago Police swept a Gaza solidarity encampment on the campus quad. 

On Friday, those students, faculty and community members held another protest to highlight their unhappiness and raise awareness, as this is an Alumni Weekend. 

They believe that's part of the reason the university cleared their encampment. 

They said Alumni Weekend is an annual event intended to reunite university alumni and encourage donations. 

The students have been asking the university to divest itself from any companies with ties to Israel, including weapons manufacturers. They also called out and criticized alumni for making contributions to the school.

The student encampment at the University of Chicago lasted for about seven days before it was dismantled. 

It was just one of many other large-scale student protests that have been taking place across the country.