Richard Boykin may run against Kim Foxx: 'she's been a total failure'

A former Cook County commissioner plans to announce in September whether he will try to unseat State's Attorney Kim Foxx.

“I think she's been more concerned about what goes on in Hollywood, California, than what goes on in Harvey, Illinois,” said Richard Boykin.

A longtime congressional chief of staff, Boykin’s one of several Democrats now trying to line up enough financial and political support to run against Foxx in the Democratic primary next march.

“In terms of being a voice, an advocate for victims of violence, I think she's been a total failure,” Boykin said.

Boykin spoke by telephone shortly after a half-dozen Foxx supporters praised her for what they said was a 19-percent decline in sentences for felony convictions last year. They said the number one reason is that Foxx has effectively freed many shoplifters. Angry retailers, on the other hand, complain off-camera that professional shoplifting rings are now exploiting the state's attorney's decision.

“Implementation of a policy of not charging people with retail theft in cases valued at less than $1,000. Now, her predecessor, Anita Alvarez, charged felonies in cases valued at $300,” said Reverend David Thornton of The People’s Lobby.

In a written statement, Foxx said she is proud of her record and took credit for a reduction in violence. However, in some of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods, there has been little or no reduction.