RIP: Remembering Chicago's very own Erica Watson

Chicago actress and comedian Erica Watson has passed away. She was just 48-years-old.

If you met her, you cannot forget her infectious smile.

Watson's family says she would have returned back to Chicago from Jamaica on Monday. But sadly, her family is now making funeral plans.


Anyone that had the honor of meeting Watson will never forget her. She appeared on Good Day Chicago in 2014 and 2015.

Born and raised in The Windy City, she was an actress that even appeared in the award winning movie "Precious."

The 48-year-old had an ability to capture your heart.

"By the time she got through with you, you’d be like ‘yeah I can do it.’ Let me brush my shoulders off, living the fullness of joy," said producer Sylvia Jones.

Jones met Watson when she played Miss Tiny on season one of "The Chi."

Months ago, Watson packed up leaving Chicago to temporarily reside in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Watson made a Facebook post this past Saturday saying her oxygen was at 75 percent and she would be induced into a coma if her oxygen did not rise to 95 percent in two hours. She said she was scared and wanted prayers. Hours later, she was dead -- a day after her birthday.

"She’s one of the people that I have met in my life that makes me question the higher power. Like why her?" comedian and radio host Leon Rogers told FOX 32.

Watson graduated from Columbia College and – like Rogers – made her mark as a comedian. She even worked alongside him.

Watson's family is asking for privacy at this time. They are in the process of making arrangements to bring her home. Our prayers go out to them.