Roselle residents to vote Tuesday on allowing marijuana shops

Residents in Roselle can weigh in on whether to allow recreational marijuana sales in their community at a public hearing Tuesday at the Roselle Village Hall.

Voters showed their support for the idea in a referendum held here last in April.

Residents were asked should the village allow retail stores to sell cannabis to adults and whether the town should allow the "craft, growing, infusion, cultivation, processing and transportation of that cannabis," within state guidelines.

The majority of voters said yes to both.

Roughly 57 percent supported a cannabis dispensary, while 53 percent supported the growing and cultivation of marijuana.

"I think it makes sense if it’s done and regulated appropriately," Roselle Mayor David Pileski said, who has supported the idea since he was a village trustee.

"I mean so far it’s been a big boon for the economy in that regard. There’s a lack of dispensaries in our location so I think there is an option for us to seize the moment and do well for our community," he said.

The village board would have to lift a ban that has been in place since December 2019 through Sept. 27.

According to the village website, the purpose of the prohibition was to allow for time to study the issue.

The referendum questions were a part of that process.

"I think it’s a very good idea," Roselle resident Phillip Saracino said. "It helps out a lot of people especially with their anxiety and everything else and also brings a lot of money to the city, state and county. It’s what everybody needs." 

"If it’s going to help the economy, I mean, I’m all for that," another resident Chidera Oku, said. 


The public hearing at the village hall Tuesday at 7 p.m. will give residents another chance to weigh in and start the conversation about the conditions for opening a business. Security measures, hours of operation and buffer requirements for the site are all details that would still need to work out.

The planning and zoning committee would then pass along recommendations to the village board for a total vote.

If the village board ultimately allows marijuana sales, Roselle could impose a tax of up to 3 percent.

The entire village board will vote on the issue by September.